A Year in Review ~ 2020

Many people have remarked that 2020 has been a hard year. While I do not disagree, I cannot say that this year has been the hardest. Collectively it has been interesting to go through a pandemic together, and I too have struggled with disappointment and feeling isolated, especially postpartum. Everyone has had to make decisions for themselves in relation to the pandemic and how they personally navigate things. I never base my decisions on what other people are doing, rather what is best for our family in light of a given situation. With everything in life I approach things from a holistic point of view. During the summer my need for more support and for M to have social interactions led us to fly to Alberta and spend most of the summer with my in-laws who live on a larger property in the countryside. With that said, I am proud of our decision making during this time. On a more superficial note, I do regret cutting my hair into a pixie haircut. What was I thinking?! On the plus side, we all had pretty bad hair for couple of months. C’est la vie!

January in Palm Springs

February bathroom remodel

March pandemic lockdown

April baby Z is born at home

May forty days of rest

June awaiting a haircut (before pic)

July airplane travel to my in-laws

August in the countryside

September getaway

October photos with my mom group

Photo by Jessica Melody Mor.

November saying goodbye

December feelings

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