Coffee-table Drawings

I discovered baby’s M’s first pencil drawings on the coffee table, and I must say I was rather pleased to find them.  The drawings were abstract expressionist in nature, and reminiscent of the line work in Joan Miro’s “The Poetess.”  For a while now, I have been curious as to when and how baby M would make his first markings.  I wonder when he will start showing an interest in drawing on paper?

I see creativity and the nurturing of creativity to be a very important part of life.  Creativity extends beyond drawing and in my opinion begins and develops during playtime.  I am a big believer in children having time to simply explore and play on their own.  Of course there needs to be a balance of more directed or structured time, however I think that our society undervalues the importance of unstructured playtime.

It is important to have time to just be.

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