Oatmeal, Pears and Routine.

This morning, baby M had some oatmeal and pear for breakfast at approximately 8:30 am. He is still breastfed on demand however, I am ensuring that he has his solid food at approximately the same time each day. The goal is to help him set his internal clock, thereby helping him sleep better.

I am currently reading “the no-cry sleep solution” by Elizabeth Pantley, a good resource for those seeking tips and practical advice for gently aiding their baby in the sleep area. Her introduction describes my situation fairly accurately. Between baby M’s frequent night waking to nurse/short naps during the day, and my need for more sleep but also my refusal to let him cry-it-out, I knew this book would right for me.

What I particularly like about this book is that the author herself is the mother of four children. She also practices similar ways of parenting, some of which include[d] breastfeeding and co-sleeping.  This book offers a balanced approach, none of which involve the cry-it-out method or the opposite spectrum of following the baby’s rhythm to the point of exhaustion (page 3).

At the moment, I am assessing baby M’s sleep patterns as well as his solid food intake and being very diligent about his bedtime routine.  As part of “the no-cry sleep solution” I am required to log his sleep in order to see what ideas may help him best (page 53). It is only day three, but he is already sleeping better and at longer intervals. In fact, as I type this he is already one hour into his afternoon nap!  I do realize that this is a process which will require time and that we are still in the assessment stage.


Nevertheless, I can see that baby M’s new routine is helping already and let us be honest, sleep is important to all of us, as it makes everyone healthier and happier. With all that said, I really am looking forward to a good night’s sleep in the not too distant future!

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