Pondering Time

This past evening, baby M discovered his shadow. He was dressed in his new pre-loved pajamas, his teeth were brushed, he was ready for bed.

I had just dimmed the lights and turned on the reading lamp-which casts delightfully long shadows- when out of the corner of my eye, I saw baby M crawl past me. He was chasing after his shadow, and pouncing on it, in an attempt to catch it!

This made me burst into laugter because it was just so precious. He looked up at me with a pleased, rather quizzical smile, unsure as to how he had made me laugh. Then, as he pulled himself up holding onto my legs, a lump caught in my throat; this fleeting moment reminded me of how quickly time is going. Was it not just yesterday that I gave birth to him?

The acceleration of time is a common complaint of most, dare I say all parents. It seems that once you have children time doubles in speed, and as much as I dig my heels in or beg for time to slow down, it simply does not. Instead I try to make the best use of it (like blogging instead of sleeping, apparently).

Time is such an interesting concept, no wonder people have been writing about it for centuries.

With my youth becoming further away from me, I finally understand many of the “clichés” about time. I find myself appreciating more and more all the wonderful moments that make life precious, regardless of how cliché that may sound.

Bonne nuit!

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