Stefani & Babywearing: Part Two

Here is the continuation of Stefani’s babywearing journey in her own words, enjoy!

I [have] found that Edmonton has a great babywearing community. There were tons of people willing to help me learn to wrap my Hedgie. They became great friends and great enablers, too! I learned all different carries and how to use all different carriers. I started building a “stash”. I bought different colours of wraps, I bought a mei tai, I bought a buckle carrier. I had a bit of a shopping addiction, but I bought most of them used so that I could re-sell what didn’t work for us.

By the time our third boy, Mouse, was born, I was a pro. I started wrapping him the day after he was born. He has always been a way more relaxed baby, and I owe it in part to the fact that he was almost never put down. My husband and I joke around that we should have done an Indonesian foot-touching-ground ceremony for him, since he was always in-arms. We try to follow the Continuum Concept, and wearing Mouse made our lives so simple.

Necessity [really] is the mother of invention. I used a sling without ever having seen one, using the basic principles figured out by mothers centuries ago. Keeping a baby close just makes sense to me!

Stefani can be found wearing her youngest (and sometimes her toddler too!), whilst taking care of her sweet family.  When she has a few minutes to spare, she enjoys sewing, knitting and baking. She is currently in the process of becoming a La Leche League leader, and is an administrator of  both the Edmonton FSOT Babywearing Group and the Canadian Babywearing FSOT.

*All photos courtesy of Stefani


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    love this, thanks for sharing. I’ve just started following your blog and I look forward to your journey : )

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    Thank you 🙂

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