Culinary To-Do List

This Canadian long week-end I am on a quest to make a few recipes that I have either not made in a while or never made at all.  The first creation on my list, which I have already managed to check off, is “The Plant Based Big-ish Mac” from Goop.  Technically this burger is vegan, however mine was vegetarian, as I used regular mayo and my husband used regular cheese on his burger.  M and I stuck to vegan cheese on our burgers.  While this meal was certainly more “healthy” than the original fair, it is not something I would make on a regular basis. Still a very fun meal to make!

The second recipe on my list, which I have also checked off of the to-do list (pictured above) is a recipe from Sarah Britton of My New Roots.  This particular recipe can be found in Sarah Britton’s first cookbook, which is the Raspberry Breeze Smoothie.  It calls for fresh mint, and since mint grows so prolifically in my backyard, I thought it a perfect summer recipe to re-visit.

I am also wanting to make some vegan cashew artisan cheese or should I say cheeze? I was thinking this week how far vegan cheese has come.  Did anyone eat “imitation cheese” in the 90s? Since I grew up in a primarily dairy-free household, as my mother cannot tolerate dairy, I remember some of the earlier imitation cheese. Somehow it always seemed reminiscent of plastic.

And lastly, I am wanting to make some raw chocolate which I have not made for quite some time.  My husband has  recently become more interested in a Keto diet, which suits me just fine. I think I might add a little maca to this batch of chocolate.  You can find a similar recipe for raw chocolate here. But P.S. I always add coconut oil when making raw chocolate.


To my fellow Canadians, Happy Canada day!

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