A Short Repose

Glimpses of baby M quietly at play in the morning light act as a meditation as I sip on my coffee and prepare for a busy day ahead. These still moments never last very long, just long enough for me to reflect on how big baby M is getting and what a blessing he is and how thankful I am despite whether I have had a restful sleep or not (baby M is getting his molars, but I did manage to sleep for a bit during his afternoon nap).

Then he is off to explore another corner of the room, to investigate a crumb that somehow escaped my broom while I was sweeping or a wheel on one of his toy trucks, never still for very long, much like life itself.

Happy week-end!

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  • Dawn 8 years ago Reply

    Hi Renee,
    Remember me from the ole’ BG? I’m so happy to find your blog and see what you are up to. Good to see your little one. I have two boys myself. We have chosen much of the same paths with parenting 🙂

    Renée 8 years ago Reply

    Hi Dawn, I do remember you! Nice to hear from you as well.

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