Motherhood, A Season


Being a new mother means rethinking a lot of things, priorities naturally shift and old activities are reinvented to go along with this new season in life.  One activity I particularly enjoy is going for walks with baby M.*  Since becoming a mother, my focus has been entirely on my baby. From learning to breastfeed to adjusting to new sleeping habits, everything has and does revolve around baby M, and happily so. This means keeping life simple, for me this leaves little time to practice art, at least the way I used to.  You know, those long hours in the studio, working until two in the morning on multiple, life-size paintings, setting up elaborate staged photos, and mulling over various ideas related to art theory.

Baby M and I

Currently, my photo practice consists of either taking pictures of baby M or baby M and me or pictures of trees.  Trees you may ask? Yes, trees. After baby M was born, I made a conscious decision to take at least one cellphone photo while out for our daily walk. I would take pictures of whatever I found interesting but somehow many of the photos ended up being of trees. I only noticed this when I was scrolling through my library of photos and realized that most of the outdoor pictures consisted of either a tree, a stump or some other foliage. I am not entirely sure of why this sudden interest in trees , but it has me thinking.


Trees are of course symbolic of  a great many things and, there are quite a few parallels between what tree symbolize and what season of life I am currently in. Some of these things include: taking root, and creating a little family [tree], as well as growth in other personal areas of my life.


Meeting of the Seasons

My cellphone photos are not anything special, rather they act as a bridge between my interest in art and my current focus in life. These little photos that record mere snippets from the everyday, leave me free to do my best work which right now is raising my son and enjoying motherhood.

*For the sake of this blog I will refer to my son as ‘baby M.’

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